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  • The aeronautical village in Luçon-Chasnais is located in South-Vendée, on the edge of the Marais Poitevin (marshland).

It is a luxury housing estate for pilots with 5000m2 odd plots including a villa and a personal hangar for plane(s) .

This plan called « ATLANTIC AIR PARK » out of vanity would surround a lovely 15th-16th-17th century castle in its wooded park
Each house will be served by a taxiway, that is a tarmac road for each plane from the runway to the hangar.

  • Knowing that there is a gradient of 9 m from the runway up to the top of the site, you can imagine the noise of the engines driven at top speed to climb up the hill !
  At the moment 25 of 28 plots located in the village of Chasnais have been sold, and being fortified by his succes, the property developer contemplates the idea of adding 21 plots in the nearby village of Lairoux.
Altogether that comes to 49 planes flying over the region !


  • You need to know that this private earodrome is located right in the middle of numerous dwellings


The nearest ones are 50 m away from Chasnais, 200m away from L’Oulerie, 500 m away and lined up with the runway for L’Essay, 500 m for Les Voureuils ; as for the small school of Chasnais, it is located 350 m away from the end of the runway !


extrait carte IGN 1/25000e



You can easily imagine the risks of catastrophe run by the surrounding population ! What a foolhardiness !




The already-existing small grassy runway has been made 110 m longer and tarmacked without any permission appearing on the prefectorial decree. In spite of that, it seems that all the administrative authorizations required for the making of such a plan have been given without any public investigation and without any information given to the concerned population.


We can legitimately have doubt about the validity of these authorizations.


  • The whole making has no aim but to satisfy the leisure activities of well-off people to the detriment and regardless of the residents !
    No kidding ! They call it « The American Dream », « Live your dream » (as the property developer advertises it in English).

      A « good idea » coming from America that will be rife throughout France if it finds no resistance !

11, route de Chasnais - F-85400 LAIROUX


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