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  • The association named « QUIETUDE » has been founded in order to fight against the nuisance and danger that the scandalous « Atlantic Air Park » plan involves.




In order to be known we wanted to broadcast an advert througt our local TV channel (Télé Sud Vendée) introducing ourselves as an association of defense against the nuisance of the Luçon – Chasnais aerodrome…


  • Censured !


Bad luck for us ! The TSV boss is a pilot and thanks to that he takes the liberty of gagging us, advising us on top of that to be very nice with the pilots, otherwise we would lay ourselves open to flights ever more frequent than before.


  • Lovely , isn’t it  ?


We got in touch with the ministries of Environnement and Town Planning in order to denounce this plan. We alerted the DGAC (General Direction of Civil Aviation ), the prefecture of Vendée, the president of the Conseil Général (Departement Council) of Vendée (Mr Philippe de Villiers ), the south-Vendée deputy (Mr Sarlot ), the Euro-MP (Mr. Souchet)...

Apart from the Ministry of Town Planning, if the planes were to make as much noise as the others, what a quietude !

We deeply believe that this affair is marred by irregularities but if we had to bring it before the court we would be hard put to do so for lack of financial means, above all in front of the financial powers we’re fighting against.


That’s the reason why we think our fight takes on a symbolical dimension :

« Let’s put an end to the power of money more and more destructive in every respect, and to that of the fright it triggers amongst the humble people ; isn’t it what we call globalization ? »


  • If you feel concerned by this issue, join us or help us, either by becomming a member for the modest sum of 50 FF (7,62 euros), or by raising funds for the « Quietude » association :

11, route de Chasnais - F-85400 LAIROUX


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[updated 28th july 2001]